HACCP Consulting

HACCP Consulting is a device that was initially created for the fish business to decide potential perils in your generation procedure that may fundamentally impact the nature of your finished results. At the present time, HACCP is required for the sustenance business under the new FDA nourishment well being controls and ISO 22000.

HACCP is a preventive, not receptive, administration device used to guarantee that the assembling procedure tends to every single potential risk of an item. HACCP isn’t a zero-chance framework, yet it is intended to limit the danger of potential risks. Understanding, appropriate execution and observing must be gainful to your organization.

Consultants gives the accompanying HACCP administrations:

  • HACCP Training
  • Peril Analysis Of Your Product and System
  • Characterizing Critical Control Points
  • HACCP Implementation
  • Inspecting The HACCP Plan
  • Interface With The FDA On Your Plan
  • Be Available During FDA Audits Of Your HACCP Plan

If you don’t mind read our article distributed in the Journal of cGMP Compliance – HACCP Inspectional Approach for Medical Device Manufacturers


HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. At the point when utilized legitimately, the HACCP approach of assessing your items and the creation procedure could give confirmation that you have decided the perils related with the item and its procedures. You will likewise need to decide the CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS, those focuses that are utilized to either dispenses with or diminishes the Hazard and you need to characterize how you would control these focuses.

Our staff will give in-house preparing on HACCP, what it is, the manner by which it is to be utilized for your items and forms and in particular how to complete a HACCP ANALYSIS and PLAN.


mdi will work with your staff to set up a stream diagram of your operations and to play out a Hazard Analysis of your items and procedures following the FDA rules for performing such examination. Every item and process will be assessed as to their potential Hazard as it identifies with Biological, Chemical or Physical Hazard.


Working intimately with your staff, we will help with recognizing the CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS of the procedure and also build up as far as possible for preventive measures related with each CCP distinguished. We will then set up a program to screen each CCP (set up methods for utilizing checking results to modify the procedure and look after control), set up restorative moves to be made when a basic point of confinement deviation happens lastly build up a record keeping framework.


Once the HACCP PLAN has been built up, our staff will help with the execution of the arrangement to guarantee that it is completely comprehended and can be actualized with least trouble and perplexity. KISS is our aphorism (Keep It Simple Stupid). If not executed legitimately, the HACCP PLAN has no esteem and could be a potential obligation.