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Reach new standards in Workplace Safety & Health with bizSAFE Consultancy

Are you aware that companies who engage in an effective health and safety management system can reduce potential injuries and illnesses? You can reduce costs and have a safe, healthy, productive and profitable business – by opting for bizSAFE Consultancy today.

Why Attain bizSAFE?

  • Increase your Business Competitive Edge
  • Gain Better Recognition By bizsafe Partners & Industry
  • Create a Safer & Healthier Work Envoronment for all Employees
  • Receive a bizSAFE Certificate for each level you attain
  • Strengthen your branding by applying the bizSAFE logo on your Name Card, Letterhead & other Collaterals

Why Choose Advanced Safety & Consultancy?

  • Timely delivery
  • After-sales support
  • Customized consultation package

Additional Benefit:

  • Claim up to 40% by using government grant




Yi Lian Construction
Yi Lian Construction is a construction company in general building.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Advanced Safety & Consultancy as they have been diligently helpful in guiding us in the process of obtaining bizSAFE level 3. I am thankful for their assistance when MOM inspector came down to our job site to review the Risk Assessment.

Mr. Wu Zhong Liang
Director of Yi Lian Construction



Roma Deli
Roma Deli is a cozy cafe location in Shaw Towers.

“Advanced Safety & Consultancy has provided me with step-by-step process and instant help in my bizSAFE application. We also have prompt updates of WSHC guidelines and now have a better understanding of Risk Management for our business.”

Mr. Johnny Wong
Owner of Roma Deli



Theme Trendy
Theme Trendy is an office printing company.

“I choose Advanced Safety & Consultancy over the other vendors for their services as they are able to provide 3 years support after attaining our bizSAFE certification. They are able to produce a comprehensive set of RA so as to meet the requirements of my main contractors.”

Mr. Victor
Project Manager of Theme Trendy

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