Ex-SMRT assistant engineer gets 4 weeks’ jail for causing death of 2 trainees in 2016 

Ex-SMRT assistant engineer gets 4 weeks’ jail for causing death of 2 trainees in 2016

A severe accident happened on a rail track on 22nd March 2016. Two SMRT trainees were killed by a incoming train traveling between Tampines and Pasir Ris MRT station. Mr Lim Say Heng, a former assistant engineer with the transport operator SMRT, pleaded guilty to this accident causing death and was sentenced to four weeks’ jail on Monday (March 12).

As a SMRT employee from 1999 to 2016, Mr Lim had led the inspection team for countless operation tasks in various occasions. He is fully equipped with knowledge and experience on all the necessary protocols to be carried out before going for an inspection on the track. However, on 22nd March 2016, his negligence led to this tragedy. There were several safety protocols he missed out on the day:

  • Lim “assumed” a technical officer with him on the tracks would instruct his colleague to impose a safety code as a protocol to prevent trains from freely entering the site where the team would be.
  • Lim didn’t choose to take a train to the work site as required for inspection, but walking there instead
  • Lim put up a handwritten sign without indicating that there were people working on the track while he was supposed to put up a mandatory printed sign to warn incoming trains and their drivers of the work site
All of the above had led to the death of the 2 trainees whom are only 24 years old and 26 years old.
Do you know?

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act requires stakeholders to take reasonably practicable measures to ensure the safety and health of persons at the workplace. 
- A fine up to $200,000 or 2 years jail or both will be issued to an individual found guilty under the Act. 
- A fine up to $500,000 will be issued to a corporate body found guilty under the Act.

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