Michelin-starred Summer Palace and Regent Singapore’s banquet kitchen was demoted to Grade C from Grade A by NEA


43 suspected food poisoning cases from Regent hotel banquet, Michelin-starred Summer Palace implicated


The National Environment Agency (NEA) downgraded the food hygiene grade from A to C for a Michelin-starred restaurant named Summer Palace and the Regent Singapore’s banquet kitchen on 29th Jan 2018 due to the fact that 43 patrons were suspected of getting food poisoning from a wedding lunch at the hotel.

Base on an advisory from NEA, 43 people appeared with symptoms of stomach flu after eating food at both places on Nov 11 last year. Though a spokesman from the Regent Singapore declared that all 43 cases were not from guests dining in Summer Palace but lunch wedding banquet at the hotel on the day, Summer Palace was still getting involved since its kitchen staff also prepared for the banquet.

Food hygiene and food & environmental safety has always been the top 2 considerations for all consumers when it comes to selecting a dining place, according to a survey conducted by Black Box among 1,000 audiences.

As a country that attracts all types of cuisine in the world, it took extraordinary effort to establish good reputation for an F&B brand. Singaporeans are devoted to hunting for quality food. According to the Food Industry Asia report by the Oxford Economics, F&B industry contributes an estimated $14.4 billion to GDP. This figures clearly illustrated the importance of food for every Singaporean. When incident like Summer Palace and the Regent Singapore happened, a lifetime reputation is ruined overnight. The monetary lost due to this incident is unpredictable.

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