Workplace Safety News: MOM is Reviewing the Workplace Safety and Health Act

MOM is Reviewing Workplace Safety and Health Act

Starting from earlier this year, MOM has been working on reviewing Workplace Safety and Health Act and planned to be completed by the end of this year. The major changes come in 3 areas: Enhancing deterrence against work site accident; Improving industry’s learning from such accidents; Raising of the maximum penalties.

Besides reviewing the WSH Act, MOM has tightened its enforcement checks at the construction sites and already conducted about 16,000 work site inspections a year.

Moreover, MOM has also introduced demerit points and blacklisting regime.Since 2015, MOM issued demerit points to 223 companies, 25 were barred from hiring foreign workers until they improve their safety records. A company will be filed into blacklist immediately once a work site death occurred.

The strengthened enforcement on workplace safety will surely impact the entire construction industry tremendously. Ensuring a safe work environment does not only fulfill government requirements, but most importantly, protecting your employees and yourself, minimizing the risks of being fined and issued a Stop Work Order.

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