bizSAFE Consultancy: Build Your WSH Capabilities

bizSAFE is a five-step programme that assists companies to build up their WSH capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace. It applies to all types of businesses, trades and industries. In order to ensure a business is productive and profitable, it needs to be a safe and healthy business.

Companies who take the initiative to implement an effective health and safety management system can help reduce potential injuries and illnesses. The possible costs incurred for these issues include workers’ compensation payout, medical expenses and also loss in productivity.

Benefits of bizSAFE (Enterprise)

1. Increase your business competitive edge

2. Gain better recognition by bizSAFE partners & industry

3. Create a safer and healthier work environment for all employees

4. Receive a bizSAFE certificate for each level you attain

5. Able to apply the bizSAFE logo on your name card, letterhead and other collateral

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