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Our Methodology

“Our value lies not in what we understand, but how we impart that knowledge to your organization through our consultancy services.”

Consulting methodologies are methods or approaches used by consultants in tackling a particular challenge, problem or client engagement. It provides a frame of reference, structure and often a prescribed set of activities and tasks that will be undertaken in a particular and logical order. Our methodology is effective, comprehensive and easy to understand across all industries. We provide on-site consulting and training to help your company to achieve its desired objectives.

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Our consultancy methodology follows a 5 step process:


1. Initial discussion with clients

  • Gathering company information and profile
  • Getting to know client location and surroundings
  • Interviewing top management and its people
  • Conduct Gap Analysis
  • Establishment of process

Objectives: In order for a successful and effective management system to be applied within each organization, intensive and comprehensive research must be carried out before the implementation stage. This will ensure that the consultancy project will be customized and relevant to each organization.


2. Review of established system

  • Review established system with top management
  • Formation of committee group

Objectives: Before implementation of the management system, our consultant shall ensure the accuracy of the documents developed while seeking feedback from organization’s Senior Management on the relevancy of the proposed system procedures. This will help the Senior Management to understand and drive its commitment to achieve its intended objectives and outcome.


3. Provision of consultancy for implementation

  • Conduct briefing for clients committee and respective process owners

Objectives: After finalizing the organization’s management procedures, our consultant will provide guidance to the staff on implementation to create and build staff competency within the organization. This will facilitate the commitments of Senior Management in achieving their intended objectives and communicated throughout the organization to encourage full participation from its employees.


4. Internal audit and review

  • Facilitating internal audit process and providing recommendation for improvement
  • Facilitating review process and ensures all required inputs and outputs are addressed

Objectives: During the implementation of the proposed management system, internal audit should be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of its system. The internal audit requires the involvement of internal auditors and employees. Participation in internal audit will help employees to understand their respective processes, in relation to wider company goals, and identify opportunities for improvement(s).


5. External audit support

  • Provision of post audit support in addressing any non conformance and recommendation in improvement

Objectives: To provide assistance for the client during an external certification audit, if required. To review any non-conformance and/or opportunity for improvement raised by the external auditor and propose actions to be taken.

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