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Singapore Quality Class

The Singapore Quality Class (SQC) gave recognition to organisations who demonstrate commendable performance. It serves as a mark of excellence signifying that SQC-certified organisations possess world-class management practices and hence instill confidence in stakeholders.

Organisations on the BE journey are required to attain the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a foundation standard of excellence. Using the BE Framework, based on a 1,000 point-scale assessment, organisations have to score a minimum of 400 points to obtain the SQC.


Under the BE initiative administered by Enterprise Singapore, there are four standards and certifications– an overall BE standard that leads to the SQC certification and three BE Niche standards with respective SQC Niche certifications:

  1. The Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification as foundation for overall BE standard;
  2. SQC People Developer Class;
  3. SQC Innovation Class;and
  4. SQC Service Class.

To achieve Niche certifications, organisations must fulfil the minimum 400 points required for the SQC, as well as score at least 40 points on a 100 point-scale for each respective niche criteria. Organisations can pursue up to a maximum of two niches.

The SQC has a validity of three years. Organisations can pursue the SQC STAR certifications by scoring a minimum of 550 points when they renew their SQC.

Similar to SQC Niches, organisations can pursue up to a maximum of two SQC STAR Niches. The SQC STAR certifications have a validity of four years.


Interested in getting the SQC certifications? Even though the issuance of SQC certifications has ceased, you are still able to embark on a Business Excellence journey through another initiative (Business Strategy Development) by Enterprise Singapore. Up to 80% funding is available for eligible local SMEs. Call us today at 6812 0999 or visit here for more information.

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