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Employment Agencies (FDW)

It is a common grouse among consumers that contracts offered by different employment agencies in the market vary widely and there is often no basis for comparison between agencies. In addition, employers have often been attracted by attractive price promotions on advertisements by agencies, without knowing the terms and conditions tied to them. Conversely, some agencies have also found that despite their best efforts, some of their customers do not understand the terms of contract they have entered into.

To enhance transparency, accredited Employment Agencies who wish to publish their prices would be required to include 4 key items: –

The service fee – Services fees charged by the agency as well as any local charges

The placement fee – Overseas recruitment costs for the foreign domestic worker

Refund policy – Stipulate amount of refund and the timeframe for such refund based on the worst case scenario

Replacement policy – Include at least the maximum number of replacements allowed and the maximum validity period

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