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Food Hygiene Inspection

Food Hygiene Inspection

NEA and AVA regulates Singapore food industry to ensure that the food in Singapore is safe to consume. As such, they conduct regular checks on food establishments to ensure that the relevant food requirements are met.

We will deliver the following during the inspection:

  • Conduct kitchen inspection based on local authority requirement
  • Generate kitchen hygiene report
  • Review kitchen hygiene report with management

After the inspection, we will provide training to equip food handlers with the knowledge and understanding on the importance of food hygiene and safety while preparing or handling food. The topics cover:

  • Introduction to microorganism
  • Factors affecting bacterial growth
  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Practice good personal hygiene
  • Handle food safely
  • Store food safely
  • Maintain cleanliness of utensils, equipment and service / storage areas

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