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Workplace Safety Inspection

Workplace Safety Inspection

MOM conducts regular checks to ensure that Singapore companies comply to the workplace safety regulations and minimize the accident rates.

We will deliver the following during the inspection:

  1. Work Areas and Housekeeping
    • Is the workplace neat and tidy with minimum obstruction?
    • Are the doors clear of unnecessary obstructions and wide enough for the movement of personnel and equipment?
    • Is the lighting around work and common access areas adequate?
    • Are areas for human and vehicle traffic clearly demarcated?
    • Are work areas well ventilated?
    • Is the floor dry and oil free?


  2. Workplace Safety & Security
    • Is there a security checkpoint at workplace entry?
    • Is there a log book to monitor access to restricted areas?
    • Are hazardous work areas contained or separated from other work areas, e.g. spray painting, welding, etc.?
    • Are drains and manholes covered or barricaded?
    • Are there railings installed at appropriate areas, e.g. staircase, drains, balcony


  3. Tools, Equipment & Machinery
    • Are machine indicator lights working, e.g. warning lights, service light, etc?
    • Is the storage space for tools appropriate?
    • Is the equipment serviceable, e.g. hoses of a welding torch?
    • Are machines fitted with appropriate guards?
    • Are emergency stop switches of machines easily accessible to the operator?
    • Are SWPs placed at the machine and easily accessible to the operator?
    • Is there a proper lock out tag out system?


  4. Electrical Appliances
    • Are the power sockets and switch boxes in good condition and properly insulated?
    • Are electrical cables in good condition?


  5. Fire Protection
    • Are fire extinguishers installed around the workplace and maintained regularly?
    • Are the fire extinguishers appropriate for the type of fire that is likely to occur in the workplace?
    • Is there a designated storage space for flammable materials?
    • Are the fire exits clearly indicated and unobstructed?


  6. First Aid Facilities
    • Are there well stocked first aid boxes distributed around the workplace?
    • Is there a well equipped first aid room?


  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Are PPEs specific to the tasks provided?
    • Are the PPEs in working condition?
    • Are appropriate PPE put on during operation?
    • Are general PPEs (e.g. gloves, ear plugs) located at the entrance of work areas requiring their use?


  8. Safety / Warning Signage
    • Are appropriate warning signs installed around the workplace?
    • Is the information signage on PPE use displayed at the entrance of work areas requiring their use?
    • Are information signage displayed prominently to direct the attention of staff to safety installations such as emergency eye wash or shower?
    • Are emergency hotline numbers displayed around the workplace?
    • Are emergency evacuation maps displayed prominently around the workplace?


  9. Workplace Facilities
    • Is there a well provisioned canteen?
    • Is there a shaded rest area for stakeholders to take a break or to take cover in adverse weather?
    • Are there accessible water points around the site?


  10. Safety Displays
    • Is the organizational safety policy displayed prominently?
    • Are safety posters and banners displayed around the workplace?
    • Are safety performance statistics displayed prominently?

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