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bizSAFE Level 1

bizSAFE Level 1

bizSAFE Level 1

Workshop for Company CEO/Top Management

bizSAFE Level 1 training with our experts will help youbetter understand how to build up your workplace safety and health capabilities and gain recognition and benefit from having a comprehensive WSH system in place.

Course Overview:
bizSAFE is a programme which is administered by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) tailored to assist the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to build up their workplace safety and health capabilities. The programme provides a 5-level approach to help SME build up their capabilities progressively. SMEs participating in this programme will gain recognition and benefit from having a comprehensive WSH system in place. To start the bizSAFE journey, an enterprise’s top management has to sign up for this bizSAFE Level 1.

Course Objective:
This workshop aims to enable top management to lead the cultivation of safety culture and policies in companies.

Who should attend?

  • CEO / Top management of company

What Is Covered?

  • In depth understanding of bizSAFE
  • Important legal requirement
  • Methods and way of writing a safety and health policy

Upcoming Course Schedule

  • 18 JAN 2019
  • 22 FEB 2019
  • 13 MAR 2019
  • 12 APR 2019 
  • 10 MAY 2019 
  • 14 JUNE 2019 
  • 12 JULY 2019 
  • 16  AUG 2019 
  • 20 SEP 2019 
  • 11 OCT 2019
  • 15 NOV 2019
  • 13 DEC 2019 

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